GeoRacing - 3D Tracking Solutions for Live Broadcast


GEORACING is a complete solution for tracking and visualising outdoor sporting events in 3D. Moreover, background information and statistics are provided to enhance the spectator experience. Each event is broadcast live on large screens for big audiences, on television, internet portals and smartphones.
The visualisations are based on the realistic 3D reconstruction of the competition site (relying on GoogleEarth-style geographical data) and the different competitors (take sailing for example, we model the different types of boats).

GEORACING is an offshoot of Geobox, a 3D rack-mount workstation with a dedicated hardware platform and a set of specific applications developed by Trimaran.

It was first used for sailing events. Indeed, during the past three years, GeoRacing has helped international audiences following sailing vessels in such events as the SOF of La Rochelle, the Delta Lloyd Regatta in the Netherlands, European Championships and the International 470 Sailing Dinghies, RC 44 Austria Cup and Tour de France à la Voile (M34 season)



GeoRacing was then used for the rally France/Alsace for the WRC season.

This allowed CANAL+ & SPORT+ to provide the most up-to-date information in real time for each news program, showing the rival positions at the precision of 1/10 of a second. Updated every second thanks to GPS data!

In addition to the time differences between cars, TRIMARAN offered a 3D visualization of the rival positions in real time (for special broadcasts) and in virtual mode (creating the feeling that they all had left at the same moment). This was an added feature to the programs and for sports commentators, who could constantly refresh the times of each of the racers with a greater frequency, if not constantly, and a greater precision.



The main functionalities of the application Sailing 3D

  • 3D boats: dinghies, catamarans, keelboats…
  • The starting line, OCS
  • Time ranking and progress at each mark, gate and at the finish
  • Intermediate distance ranking
  • Individual speed and course information
  • Tracks, lay lines, advantage line and distances between boats
  •  Live function for feeding content to large screens, TV programmes or replays
  •  Automatic mode with sailing mark detection
  •  Creation of an accelerated short video, summarizing the race
  •  Broadcasting in SD / HD / 3D relief
  •  Internet live tracking portal
  • Big screens via direct connection or via Internet
  • TV or IPTV
  • Webcast streaming on high and low bandwidth and iPhone…

GeoRacing Production / Broadcasting in streaming

  • Digital mixer
  • Sources: 2 GeoBoxes, 1 replay station, 1 editing station, 1 DigiBeta...
  • Digital grid
  • Multi-formats encoding  for streaming on IPTV, Web, Tablet/Mobiles

  • Realisation
  • Technology