VIRTUAL LIVE TIMING by GEORACING for WRC Rallye de France-Alsace

TRIMARAN launched its latest GEORACING GPS-based solution called Virtual Timing in the first-ever live demonstration in the world, which was broadcast on CANAL+ and SPORT+ television channels during the last WRC Rallye de France - Alsace held from October 3-6, 2013.

CANAL+ / SPORT+ image capture was made possible with 10 onboard cameras, GPS capacity in the cars, two helicopters, cameras at the starting, mid-point and arriving lines.  

AMPVISUALTV contributed its technical prowess via a plane making HF video available in the Strasbourg television zone. GPS positioning from each of the ten cars was emitted second by second to Trimaran, who relied on the GEORACING solution. This allowed CANAL+ & SPORT+ to provide the most up-to-date information in real time for each news program, showing the rival positions at the precision of 1/10 of a second. Updated every second thanks to GPS data!

In addition to the time differences between cars, TRIMARAN offered a 3D visualization of the rival positions in real time (for special broadcasts) and in virtual mode (creating the feeling that they all had left at the same moment). This was an added feature to the programs and for sports commentators, who could constantly refresh the times of each of the racers with a greater frequency, if not constantly, and a greater precision.

François-Charles Bideaux, head of sports programs for the group CANAL+, commented: “After the 2012 edition, we felt the need to enhance our coverage with geo-positioning graphics linked up to the chronometric times so that our TV-watchers could better visualize the differences in time and space during our special programs. I had asked Trimaran to develop this additional feature for the 2013 race, as they have provided many similar solutions for sailing events with GEORACING. Trimaran succeeded in meeting the challenge for Canal + and, I must admit, the results far surpassed our expectations.”

Pascal Mathieu, head of the live broadcast, commented: "The Virtual Timing of GEORACING was a great advantage in painting a full picture of the 2013 edition of the Rallye France-Alscace Race. At any given moment, we had a complete table showing the virtual differences between the cars as well as a 3D representation of the different positions. GEORACING helped us to visualize rival positions during the special programs and to have a fuller picture of the entire race.”

The WRC promoter, The FFSA organizers, the producers and commentators at CANAL+/SPORT+ all applauded this innovation as a major step forward in live coverage of the race on TV, much to the appreciation of the TV-watchers.

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