Who we are


January 1991, Trimaran was founded in Paris by Olivier Emery and Long Courrier Vidéo, post-production branch outfit of the company Le Sabre, specialized in audiovisual production for TV series. The initial market targeted was 3D animation presentations for television and enterprises.

In 1994, Trimaran became 100% privately owned and totally independent.

In 1995, the company moved into new headquarters located in the Parisian suburbs, in Levallois-Perret, and set up shop in close proximity to its clients producing film spots, Monteurs Studio & O’Bahamas.

In 1996, Trimaran is sought by IDG, the world's leading IT media, to develop one of the first Internet news sites in France. The Internet adventure begins in the era of the pioneers !

In 1997, new development meant new offices : Trimaran has been located at 97 rue Jean Jaurès, in Levallois-Perret since 1997. First tricks for the TV series "All aboard" with 80 fixing plans.

In 2000, online multimedia ventures accounted for 100% of Trimaran activity. But 3D graphics were not dismissed.

In 2003, the audiovisual projects tributary again. Activities are balanced.

In 2004, recovery of R&D in the field of covering TV for real-time info and sports programs.

Since 2007, Trimaran offers three activities : a 3D Studio and Visual effects for film, television and businesses, a edit room oriented to online technologies companies and R&D development department software around real time trim motors for television, and sports info and applications to broadcast live online information (info / video / sport ...). Come from internal R&D applications GeoRacing the live monitoring of outdoor sports.

In 2015, a year full of events:

" White Soldier " by Erick Zonca for Breakout Films, receives an international Emmy Award for the best Fiction; the VFX was realized by Trimaran.
Thalie Images hire us for the post-production of the fiction " Mystery at the Eiffel Tower " selected to the Festival of the Fiction of La Rochelle.

We receive 3 nominations at the GENIUS AWARDS at Paris Images Digital Summit, among wich 2 for the best VFX of the year with movies "White Soldier" and "White Trap" and 1 nomination for the best innovation of the year with Georacing.

In 2016, Trimaran partipates at the "VFX TO SERVE THE REVIVAL OF FRENCH TV PRODUCTION " roundtable at Paris Images Digital Summit.