Who we are


For 20 years now, Trimaran has been handling complex multimedia projects with experience and expertise and has helped to establish its clients in the new technology and multimedia sectors ...for the long-haul.

Whether for interactive on/off-line applications, web sites, television graphic presentations or special effects for audiovisual productions, our teams attempt to mix up the best cocktail of “creativity and technology” to meet the demand.

Our view of the digital world today is that given the continuing proliferation of distribution platforms of digital content (web, smartphone, tablet, TV, second screen ...), it is vital for brands and businesses to manage their content through multi-platform tools, flexible and sustainable managements.

Our mission is to help our customers to design, define, develop, host, maintain and develop these tools broadcast "multimedia" throughout the life of their products and services.

"Our methods adapt to specific problems/needs with the best possible solutions"

A successful website will stand up to the test of time and that is why provide long-term follow-up for all the sites we create for a client.

The success of 3D titles or visual effects for a film is mastered by the right mix of creative and technical talents on the team.

Whether a project of modernization or a new site to develop, our methods adapt to specific problems/needs with the best possible solutions, taking into consideration the strategic stakes involved, imposed delays and the final quality desired.