Visuals effects for TV Show "The Frozen Dead"

Trimaran has realized close to 200 shots to create the cold and heavy atmosphere of the universe of "The Frozen Dead" series by Laurent Herbiet.
It was crowned Best TV Series at the Fiction TV Festival in La Rochelle in 2016.
A full 3D horse will be fully modeled and integrated on the introductory plans of the series; Our artists will also via many matte paintings set up the winter atmosphere by covering up the many outdoor and transformed buildings.
Saint-Martin, a small town nestled in the Pyrenees. At dawn, suspended at the top of a cable car, a dismembered and decapitated horse is discovered. It belonged to Eric Lombard, a young and wealthy businessman from the region. Captain Martin Servaz of the SRPJ of Toulouse is entrusted with the investigation. He teamed up with Captain Irene Ziegler of the Saint-Martin gendarmerie. Meanwhile, young psychiatrist Diane Berg makes her debut at the Warnier Center, a prison facility including the dangerous serial killer Julian Hirtmann.

  • Realisation Laurent Herbiet
  • Production Gaumont Télévision
  • Diffusion FRANCE02