VFX for the film "Mystère au Moulin Rouge" by Stéphane Kappes

Trimaran created the 2D & 3D visual effects, 3D matte painting (Moulin Rouge outer facade, Paris rooftops) and various other 3D effects & compositing, cloning, etc…
Produced by Stéphane Moatti & Emmanuel Jacquelin (Thalie Images, Marathon Images), directed by Stéphane Kappes, based on an original screenplay  by Elsa Marpeau & Mathieu Missoffle, cinematography by Stéphane Cami , edited by Bénédicte Gellé. The cast includes Emilie Dequenne, Gregory Fitoussi, Adrienne Pauly, Dominique Besnehard, Marius Colucci, Yvan Gonzales, Jacques Weber & Guy Lecluyse.
Synopsis:  Diane, a young woman from the country, moves to Paris in search of her sister who disappeared at the Moulin Rouge in 1892, a very popular cabaret welcoming many lowlifes.  Prudish Diane struggles to become a dancer herself, more determined than ever to find out about her sister. And it pays off as she enters into an unsuspected world, where she will discover the existence of serial murders and could become the next victim…

  • Realisation Stéphane Kappes
  • Production Thalie Images et Marathon Images : Stéphane Moatti et Emmanuel Jacquelin
  • Diffusion France 2