Visual effects for the movie " Mystery at the Eiffel Tower "

Trimaran has done the visual effects of the movie by Léa Fazer and produced by Stéphane Moatti from Thalie Images for France Télévisions. The movie was partially shooted on green screen at the of Bry-sur-Marne studios . The story takes place during the World Fair of 1889 just after the inauguration of the Eiffel Tower, and involve the engineers of the Tower in a serie of mysterious murders.
 More than 120 plans were made, among which of the complete sequences on the square of the Eiffel Tower and on the 2nd floor. Trimaran recreated in 3D the Eiffel Tower in  1889's version, the buildings of the World Fair on Champ de Mars. A team of twenty artists was gathered around this project, as well as a 2nd movie  " Mystery in the Opera ", during approximately 6 months of the preparation before shooting, the modelling of the Tower and of Champ de Mars, the supervision of the shooting for a week of green screen on 2 stages of 900m2, then the work on the VFX, up to the finalization of the plans. 
 " Mystery in the Eiffel Tower " was selected in official competition to the Festival of the TV drama in La Rochelle in September, 2015.


  • Realisation Léa Fazer
  • Production THALIE Images - Stéphane Moatti
  • Diffusion France 2