Who we are

Platform Production

Since the company’s creation in 1991, technological progress and development have been major preoccupations at Trimaran, pushing the company forward with its own distinctive differences.

Our platform used is state of the art in terms of stations (PC and Mac) Render Farm (racks calculation), SAN and NAS servers, networks and 10 Gigabit and 1 Gigabit better than market software. It is completed asset management tools developed in-house for many years as FxShare (secure sharing of audiovisual media online) and FxBD, managing assets internally.

We also have concern for the backup (with an incremental backup every night for 2 weeks) and the backup completed projects (LT04 cartridge on and soon LTO6).

It allows us to work up to 30 people between the permanent development team of R&D and intermittent graphic designers, producers, directors ...

This platform is constituted by:

  • 1 room Finishing / Calibration HD/2K/3D Mac BiQuadCores Xeon with DaVinci / AfterEffect / FinaCutPro + FC SAN access 8 Gb/s
  • 1 room Finishing HD/2K/3D Mac BiQuadCores Xeon AfterEffect /FinalCutPro + FC SAN access 8 Gb/s
  • Digital video: 1 32TB SAN / FC 8Gb/s MetaSAN Server
  • 2D/3D stations SixCores Bi-Xeon PC with Win 64 with After Effect/CS6/3dsMax ...
  • RenderFarm 3D - 26 racks - 288 Cores Xeon with VRay / 3ds Max / Mental Ray ...
  • Network 10 Gb/s + 1 Gb/s
  • Media projects: NAS 40 TB in 10 Gb/s
  • Lto Backup Robot - 30 rounds (30 TB)
  • Input / output video Hdcam / Digital Beta / Beta SP / DvCam ...
  • Fiber Internet connection 100 Mb/s symmetric

All our technical resources are integrated into five bays 42U in our air conditioned node.


At Trimaran, there are two edit room  for live webcasts, in collaboration with Paraweb since 2010.

There is a edit room for programs brought in by satellite or optical fiber that are then re-dressed and finalized before going out again on a specific “cross platform” on the web, smart phones and tablets.  

A edit room for the creation  of programs with image and computer generated images as well as sound takes arriving by satellite or optical fiber to be treated/finalized for  a specific “cross platform” use on the web, smart phones and tablets.

The two edit room are connected to a pool of developers, who deliver output (depending on bandwidth, quality and codec types) to the different targets (iptv, web, mobiles, tablets…) on our CDN platforms online or directly to the client. Certain broadcasts were watched over 100,000 times live.


We provide clients with numerous virtual servers located on high-security, 24/7 cloud platforms, allowing for flexibility and reactivity so as to function better during high-traffic periods. We offer both shared and dedicated virtual servers.